Talk-Zone #18 Interview with Markarian 348

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Hello Noizefielderz,
Today we talked with the Pablo from Argentina, the artist behind Markarian 348. Enjoy it!
Congratulations Pablo to your success of the Homeaffairs Remix Contest by Noizefield. Have you expected that you will win a record deal?

Thank you for your words. I like to make remixes. I try to participate in Remix Contests when I can. It’s fun and you can learn how other musicians work. My approach is “let’s see what happens“.
At first I tried to adapt the remix to the style of the track, but it wasn’t really working, so I decided to keep my own style. It was a really great and surprising result.

Tell our readers something about Markarian 348. Where do you come from, and when did you start with producing?

I am from Argentina, I live in a small city called Paraná. I started with electronic music in 2008. My style in the beginning was more industrial / ambient, but with time evolved to something more techno / house, keeping some ambient elements.

Your remix competition track is really a nice alternative to the other tracks, cause the original and the other remixes are just reflecting the EDM style. But your track is a deep house track and very groovy. Is this kind of deep house your favourite style? Have you always produced that style, or do you also like other kind of styles?

Now I’m trying to focus in a more minimal sound. I’ve always liked Basic Channel, Plastikman, Monolake and things like that, but I’m always trying new things, too.

Tracks like your other track „Ghosts“ are a misc of ambient and experimental music, right? When you produce a track like this, do you start with the melodies or with the rhythm elements? Where do you get the ideas to your tracks?

“Ghosts” belongs to the “Further Than the Ghosts” EP, and I really thought it as a some kind of soundtrack. For that track in particular I think that I started with the main melody, but it’s never the same. I’ve started tracks with the drum, a texture or just testing a new plug-in.

Do you only produce remixes or have you already produced and released own tracks? And if you did which tracks have you already released?

I made a couple of remixes for Geodesic and Local Natives, but I mainly work on my own music. I have 4 albums and 3 EP’s, all self released.

Which kind of equipment do you use for your studio productions? Do you prefer hardware or software? If you’re using plug-ins, what’s your favourite synth or effect tool?

I have a Yamaha RM1X, that I use for drums and some bass lines, but I mainly work with software. I like the analog emulations, especially Korg’s, but also I use any free VST’s that I can find. I also use Absynth and Massive from NI.

Are you only a producer or also a DJ?

For the moment I’m just a producer.

Which projects and productions could the Markarian 348 fans expect next? Do you have got some other jobs in the music business?

Right now I’m finishing a new album “Ghosts in the Night Sky”, I hope to release it in a couple of months. And I’m really excited to see what happens with the remix EP from Homeaffairs.

Now let’s tell our readers a secret or something that you always wanted to say.

Well, I’m not really a very comunicative person. I just wanna say thank you, to all of you guys at Noizefield, Lickin Records and Homeaffairs, for give me the opportunity to participate in this EP.
All of my music is online, so if anyone is interested can go and check it. All the best, and thank you,

Thanks for taking time to this interview.