Talk-Zone #58 Interview with Loudway & Hundred

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Welcome Loudway & Hundred! Congratulation! You’re the winner of the Sunny Marleen remix contest („I wanna show you“) by Noizefield. Did you expect that you will be the winner and how does it feel?

Thanks again Carl, we really appreciate your congratulations.
No to be honest this is our 5th contest we didn’t expect it, the moment when your answer came that we win the contest it was unbelievable. It was a feeling hard to describe we was jumping around in our studio like two little children for happiness.

What was the most difficult part when you’ve created the remix?

The hardest part of this contest was to find/create a sound that smelts perfectly with the acapella without touching her.

Tell us something about you. What are you actually doing and how do you came to the idea to start a producer career for electronic music?

Loudway (Sergio Paolino) : I am 21 years old, born in Italy, have a degree as Electrician and love Italian “Folkore-Music” form Neaples.

Hundred (Salvatore Rufolo): I am 20 years old, born in Italy, I trained as a car mechanic and my favorite hobby is football!

Our carreer started like the most of us with mixing some songs together and start a small DJ-carreer in the province you live.

Loudway: I play Piano since I am a child, I always tried to compose something by my own, so one day after a DJ-Session a guy asked me if I also make beats, and I answered him no I have some Piano Chords at home only. So he tell me that I should google FL-Studio I looked up for FL Studio the same night! That’s how my producer carreer has been started.
Hundred: I play E-guitar and guitar since elementary school for me was different. I grow up with the KING OF ROCK AND ROLL! ELVIS PRESLEY! My father is in love with Elvis he has 2 tattoos from him (the signature and his face) so I was always in contact with music. I also composed some chords on my guitar. But one day like Loudway after many DJ-Mixes, I wanted to put some vocals on a beat so I found in some Forums “FL-Studio” there I begin to MashUp some songs who I was playing at home-party from my friends. That’s how my producer carreer has been started.

After all we founded “Loudway & Hundred” this is a project who has started in 2016, we decide to work together and mix our different styles to create a new thing.

Which kind of forthcoming projects and releases could your fans expect next?

Our fans in 2017 will be literally bombed with some nice upcoming projects! That will include collaborations all over the world we want to mix our style with different cultures to create new things and gain more experience! The project that we actually working on is a collab with a Canadian producer (Jimmy Adams), except a groove that will blast your mind!

//But our fans can stay tuned we will Release our new Original Mix! TRUMPETZ.
It will be a release over Wolfrage Recordings, a label from Netherlands.

Last but not least, we’ve released a free download track as a thankgiving to our fans, cause we’ve got now more than 2000 Facebook-likes. Thank you for this, Here is the link to the free download:

Loudway & Hundred – Behind (STARTERZ GANG PREMIERE)

Before you’ve participated to this contest, you’ve already released your own singles „Feel the beat“ & „La Ermita“.

Our first project as L&H was “Feel the beat” last year ago.

Loudway: My frist track is about 6 Years old now.
Hundred: My first track I made is also 5 years old now.

How we Produce our tracks is difficult to explain.
Loudway : Is like with which feeling I came in the Studio to Hundred or Hundreds Moral is :D some days we got Crazy freaky Ideas and we start directly from the drop and build up an Melody , and some days we start only with the kicks.
Hundred: Totally agree to Loudway, but its more Loudway who influence the “moral” hes the Clown of us I am more Serius, If he see me down from a hard day he starts to use the midi to play his stupid “Folkore-Music” and sing like my Grandfather till I Iaugh or go up with my moral.

Which kind of studio-equipment do you use? Are you working with hardware-gear or do you use software-plugins? What’s your favourite sequencer-DAW?

We use both software and hardware – Our hardware is an Oxygen-Midi-Keyboard, maybe one time we will get a synthesizer as hardware so we would use lesser software for our production.
At the moment we use FL-Studio on an Windows-Platform.

Have you’ve already been played live-gigs on festivals, and if you do, where can people see you next live?

Hundred: Yes I was on the Mainstage at the “Festival dell’aspide” in Roccadaspide 2 years ago. Our next events would be shown on our Facebook site.

What’s your favourite genre when you listen to music in private? House, EDM, Trap or a completely different style?

Loudway: I love “Folkore-Neaples-Music” , but also hear the Spotyfi Charts and all styles of music if its good!

Hundred: I love Rock and House Music, but I see it like Loudway if music is good it does not matter which stile it is! Good music, is good music. For me music changes every day. It can be that I wake up with DeepHouse and after I get in my car I turn on some Blink-182!

Loudway: Yes, music is an expression of live. How you change in live also the music changes with you.

What can you say about your DJ-equipment?

We have a pair of CDJ-350´s , Native X1,Z1,F1 and a Xone K2 as DJ-Equipment.

Now you’ve got the chance to tell our readers something that you always wanted to tell them.

We want to thank our Family and Friends who Supports us since Day one.
We hope really that the sound from “Loudway & Hundred” would be appreciated out of ITALY and will get one of the top places in the Electronic Dance Music!
Don’t forget to: “Express your music HUNDRED times in the LOUDWAY!”
And stay true to yourself!
Thanks Carl nice to talk with you.

Thanks for taking time to this interview guys.