Free stereo bus Compressor by SNFK Music

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GlowComp is a versatile stereo buss compressor designed for processing a large variety of instruments. It is very gentle on dynamics and helps glue multiple instruments together.

– Input / Output parameters – push the compressor by making the input louder (which will also generate extra harmonics!)
– 5 built-in ratios – changing the ratio knob will affect more than just the ratio as it changes many other internal parameters
designed to add some extra character.
– Timing – Plain and simple attack and release to control how the compressor reacts to the input
– LCD screen – shows input, output, and compression values.
– CPU Friendly – GlowComp’s algorithm is designed for low CPU while still delivering an impressive sound.
– Like all newer SNFK plugins, GlowComp features an about screen that gives credit to all Patrons
GlowComp – SNFK Music