Morph released Spectral Shiatsu – Max For Live

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Morph released Spectral Shiatsu – Max For Live, a unique instrument that relies on your touches and their pressure on the Morph to reveal the different frequencies of a sound from different times of a sound recording.

When you load a sound file (or picture) into Spectral Shiatsu, it analyses it and creates a map of all the frequencies and their volumes over time. This graph is then mapped to the Sensel Morph, where you can touch and press on the surface to “reveal” and play the sound’s components from any time. This way, you can massage your way around a sound, pressing harder to uncover more of the sound, or caressing lightly to gently play a small part. This doesn’t use MIDI, it uses the Sensel API in Max to turn the touches into sound. When you connect your Morph and this device is present, it connects as a serial device, so you won’t be able to use overlays, MIDI, or MPE.

Download the Max For Live device, install it in your Ableton Library, then add to a MIDI track. Windows users will need to open Max and install the “sensel” package from the Max package manager.
Then, drag sound files from your Live Browser, Clip Grid, or file system onto the device to play them with your fingers on the Morph.


More info here: Spectral Shiatsu