3. September 2021 | Free Software | Noizefield

PitchLoop89 Masterclass With Robert Henke


Synthtopia have released 2 very good videos from Robert Henke talking about PitchLoop89 a new free pitch-shifting device inspired by the Publison DHM 89 for Ableton 11.

This free masterclass takes an in-depth look at PitchLoop89, a new device introduced in Live 11.

The two-part series features Robert Henke, one of the creators of Ableton Live and PitchLoop89. Henke was inspired to create PitchLoop89 by the rare Publison DHM 89 pitch-shifting delay from the ’70s. In this series, Henke discusses the unique features of this rare effects unit, how it inspired its software counterpart and using PitchLoop89 for sound design.

More info to PitchLoop89 here: Ableton | PitchLoop89

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