Sonic Charge released updates to all plugins

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Sonic Charge released several updates to all of their plugins.

  • All plugins (except Synplant) now features high resolution graphics and re-scalable user interfaces
  • Microtonic can now be extended with scripts written in Javascript
  • All plugins are now compatible with Mac hosts that are built with the latest SDK from Apple
  • Permut8 Firmware Installer with the previously released Specular firmware as well as two brand new firmwares: Vortex and JS80RMX.

I hope you are all doing well in these difficult times. We are doing fine here. Working from home is not much of a change for us, of course. Fredrik and I have been working remotely together for over 20 years. But these are undoubtedly tough times for us all. Luckily there is nothing safer than staying indoors and making music on a computer, or developing music software for that matter. So we will continue doing just that. As always.

We are pleased to announce that updates to our entire line of products are available today. With these updates we have taken the opportunity to refactor and clean out obsolete technologies in order to move forwards into the 2020’s. Some of our products have not been updated in over five years, so there has been a lot to work on.

While most changes in these updates are under the hood there are some very visible additions too. First and foremost, all plugins (except Synplant) now features high resolution graphics and re-scalable user interfaces. (Synplant has however been updated with other bug and compatibility fixes.)

More info here: Sonic Charge

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