ToneBoosters released Flowtones

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ToneBoosters released Flowtones

Thanks to its true VA synthesis engine, the use of non-linear filters and extensive modulation options, Flowtones sounds warmer and more analog than digital romplers and wavetable-based synths. Have a listen to our demo tracks that use Flowtones exclusively, without external effects or sounds.

  • 4 VCO architecture: Two parts with two VCOs each
  • 36 analog VCO waveforms featuring all classic waveforms and more
  • All VCO waveforms support pulsewidth modulation
  • Full-stereo unison mode for each VCO
  • Noise and sub-harmonic oscillators for each VCO
  • Unique VCO ring and self-modulation matrix
  • Non-linear VCF for each part with over 30 filter types, including unique multi-resonance filters


  • Two parts with two VCOs each VCO
  • Pulsewidth and ring modulation
  • Advanced LFO and Envelopes for modulation
  • Over 30 analog-modelled, non-linear filter types
  • Pro-grade effect modules Intuitive step sequencer
  • Intelligent randomizer
  • Mono and full stereo operation (VST3, AU, AAX)
  • VST, VST3, AU, AAX, stand alone


More info here: Flowtones: Virtual analog synthesizer in VSTi form