Yum Audio released Spread, Spread Light, LoFi Playtime & LoFi Pitch Dropout

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The new audio brand Yum Audio has been launched and has released 4 new plugins: Spread, Spread Light, LoFi Playtime & LoFi Pitch Dropout.
Spread Light is free btw :)


Master your Stereo Signal
MAXIMUM control
of your stereo image
times 1+1+1+1
Natural Width and Panning of 4 bands.
Optimised for fast and best musical results.

Spread Light

The lightweight stereo tool
Your new favorite stereo utility
Width processing redefined
Pan processing reimagined
Stereo field essentials


LoFi Playtime showcase screenshot
Playfully ahead of time
Time twister full of character
Play with the time of your audio
in new ways

Pitch Dropout

Tape stops – LoFi starts!
Add character with
subtle to strong pitch errors
A virtual Tape getting stuck randomly
and catching up again.

Launch offer: 30% OFF

More info here: Yum Audio