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Warrior – Free synthesizer for rough electronic music

You’re looking for a free synthesizer with specific sounds for Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Techno, Industrial and like all that rough stuff for electronic music? Then Warrior will be the right choice for you! We’ve developed it for all Noizefield readers


  • 3 Oscillators (Osc 1 & Osc 2 are using wavetables, Osc3 allows you to draw own wavetables)
  • 2 Multimode-Filters (HP, LP, LP 2, BP, 303, Ladder, Vowel)
  • 1 Vowel Filter – 1 Modulation matrix (with seven slots to modulate simultanously)
  • 1 Noise-Generator
  • 3 LFOs
  • 3 free assignable AHDSR-Envelopes
  • 1 Equalizer (four bands)
  • 1 Chorus effect
  • 1 Reverb effect
  • 1 Bit Crush effect
  • 1 Ensemble effect
  • 1 Fattener effect
  • 1 Unison (8x)
  • 32 Presets
  • 2 Skins (Standard and Night edition)
  • Available for Windows 32 Bit and 64 Bit.

You can download the Warrior VST plug-in as a registered Noizfield user. Registration is FREE!

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  1. Overall – really great potential for a not-complex synth. Needs fixes and improvements.

    Some obvious downsides.
    1.) LFO is like 1,2,4,8,16
    While 3,5,6,7 etc also needed.
    2.) No way to add very tiny values on LFO, even holding shift make it moves slower. Still not enough to fine setup.
    3.)The wavetable doesn’t affected by envelopes. Only with LFO, tho in the Matrix it is possible to select Envelopes.
    4.)Not handy routing. To see and route each OSC to filter it is necessary to click drop down menu every time.
    5.)Multi envelope seems don’t work.
    6.)CTRL A,B have bugs. Often times they don’t do anything until switch between 1,2,3,4 and A,B.
    7.) Only 7 slots in the matrix? Seems not enough.

    I always say to developers. Add keytrack for the note volume(some synths have it. For example Massive. Others like Serum have possibility to make it through the matrix). If you don’t understand why is it necessary. Play sine at C4, then C6, C7. The higher the note the louder it sounds. It is very easy to understand. Have you heard about mixing by pink noise, right? Set analyzer to pink noise (tilt 3db octave). Then it is easy to see that when you play higher notes with sine wave then the peak goes higher and higher and higher. That’s the way you can see visually that keytrack on the note volume is necessary. So it could be possible to make the higher notes are quieter and quieter. And that way they will have real equal perceptual loudness.

  2. A little bit confusing that I am logged, but the site still has buttons around saying “Login to Noizefield.com”
    Going to check the synth

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