Mixcraft 7.5 – The DAW for professionals

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Mixcraft 7.5 is a complete user-friendly DAW for home and project studios with an unlimited number of tracks for MIDI, audio- and video editing (in Mixcraft Home Studio it’s limited to 16 tracks). The Pro Studio-Edition could be used as a high-end DAW e.g. for professional mastering purposes. The DAW knows how to impress with its clearly designed arrangement view. Under the transport controls, you’ll find in the bottom four tabs (project, sound, mixer and library). The sound tab contains a piano roll and score editor for detailed MIDI editings. The flexible mixer allows you to create individual headphones or monitor mixes – that’s very useful for live-performances. With the comfortable routing, you can create bus tracks, so music projects could be mixed and recorded easier than never before. Mixcraft also provides a Rewire-connection support (not in Home Studio edition) and a score. The update Mixcraft 7.5 includes new low-latency drivers and is optimized for Microsoft Windows 10.


Virtual instruments and effects:
Over 50 amazing effects and 20 powerful instruments have been included in Mixcraft Pro Studio 7.5. (Mixcraft 7.5 has got only 15 instruments and 25 effects) There are high quality „bread and butter“ effects like compressor, delay, parametric equalizers, reverb and distortion, but you will also find special effects like pitch correction or a tape emulator. Also samplers like the alpha sampler or the advanced Omni Sample (only available in Mixcraft and in Mixcraft Pro) have never been missed out. Classic synth emulations like the massive Memorymoon, Renegade and ME 80 synths, or the vintage Lounge Lizard E-Piano and the VB3 Organ will ensure a lot of creativity and fun. There are dozens of presets already included for direct start to your productions. For enabling a comfortable workflow, presets could be tagged, for a fast search of your favourite presets too.
In Mixcraft Pro Studio you will get also a high-end mastering suite by iZotope

Sounds and samples:
The DAW supports a lot of factory sounds and samples for different genres. Mixcraft Home Studio 7.5 will be delivered with more than 2000 loops. In Mixcraft 7.5 and Pro you can expect over 7500 loops, sound effects and drumloops.
In Mixcraft 7.5 are also two new loop-kits by famous artists like the Thereminist Armen Ra and a Dub Reggae song kit by Mark James (Breaking Benjamin) together with live drum and guitars by Shok from Los Angeles.

All in all Mixcraft is a highly recommended recording-studio for recording, mixing and mastering. The update Mixcraft 7.5 includes new low-latency drivers (under 5ms) and is optimized for Microsoft Windows 10.

Three different versions of Mixcraft are available:
Mixcraft Home Studio 7.5
Mixcraft 7.5
Mixcraft Pro Studio 7.5

Mixcraft 7.5