Step 3: Monetizing Your Music on Soundcloud

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Monetizing Your Music on Soundcloud

Monetizing music on Soundcloud is a growing but under-tapped revenue stream for artists and labels. While most artists and labels use Soundcloud as a platform to host their music and use it for promotion, monetizing your music on Soundcloud can also be a nice ancillary revenue stream.

The way it works is similar to YouTube, by monetizing your Soundcloud account ads will be occasionally placed onto your tracks and rolled in between plays of your songs, which you then earn a royalty each time one of your tracks is monetized with an ad.
At Rightsify, we have recently introduced our Soundcloud Monetization Program so we have included details below on how you can start monetizing and collecting royalties from your music on Soundcloud today.

1. Get in touch

Send us an email along with a link to your Soundcloud account letting us know that you would like to participate and monetize your Soundcloud. Once received, we will review and come back to you on getting started.

2. Authorizing Monetization

Once you have signed up with Rightsify, we’ll send an authorization request from Soundcloud so your account can be monetized, once you authorize, monetization starts.

3. Dashboard Analytics and Monthly Payments

Every month you’ll get a full report on how much you have earned each time your music is monetized on Soundcloud and drill-down that data by song, artist or country. You’ll also get paid every month with no minimum threshold, so whether you make $5 or $5,000, you’ll get paid every month.


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