Sonicbits releases free synthesizer plugin Exakt Lite

In Free Software, News by Carl

Exakt Lite is an inuitive and user friendly FM synthesizer plugin. From the harsh digital and cold sounds known from the FM era to warm and organic sounds, Exakt Lite can create a wide range of sounds.

Exakt Lite has got 4 operators which can be arranged in the classic 8 FM algorithms with feedback on operator D. Each operator has got different waveforms such as the basic sine, saw, square and triangle. Additionally, the 8 classic waveforms from the Yamaha TX81Z are emulated.

Each operator has got a separate amplitude envelope generator supporting the classic 5 point TX envelopes. These envelopes have been modeled to mimic the TX characteristics. The plugin UI has been created using vector graphics and supports blur free resizing.

– 4 aliasing free Operators with classic TX waveforms
– 12 voices
– Drag-and-drop envelopes
– 8 classic FM algorithms with feedback on operator D
– Resonant filter with 24db/oct lowpass, highpass and bandpass
– Visualization of the resulting waveform for immediate editing response
– LFO syncable to host
– Runs on Windows (VST 2 and VST3) and Mac (AU, VST2 and VST3), 64 bit only